Monday, 12 August 2013

Hydranga infinity scarf (my weekend project)

I was feeling a bit under the weather on Saturday so decided to have a PJ day. To cheer myself up I raided my yarn stash, well part of it. Working with yarn always lifts my spirits; I love being able to produce something quickly out of a couple of balls of yarn. Working with wool and colour is something that cheers me up almost instantly, along with a little early evening sleep.
With our October holiday in mind when there will be a chill in the air I decided to knit a scarf – an infinity scarf. I refer back to a pattern written by Julia Marsh quite often; it’s an easy pattern and always has good results. I made a number of these as Christmas presents in 2010 and I may do again this year.

The pattern suggests Sirdar Indie but I’m all out of that particular yarn and found some Wendy Skye in Hydranga I bought on Cucumberpatch last year (a lovely mix of blues with a tiny bit of gold) I’ve never knitted with this before and used two strands held together to get a similar tension – not that I ever pay much attention to this aspect. I cast on 105 stitches (odd numbers for moss stitch – my favourite stitch). The colours work really well and using two balls picks up the uneven colours in the two strands which show up on the moss stitch pattern really well – almost like it was planned. It knits up quickly on no 10 circular needles with only one join. Using 100g balls is so much easier and neater. Here is a link to the pattern free pattern for Moss stitch infinity scarf

My ta da moment ....... my weekend’s unplanned project ready for Anglesey we will be visiting for our five day stay in a converted barn. Just me, Ian and Moss!

I'll post one of me wearing it later this year

This weekend was so quiet compared to last Saturday. Jack was just about to turn 21 and we took him to London to the Thames RIB experience. We loved it even though it was a bit scary for me!
Jack and Mandy at the Thames RIB experience
Happy 21st Birthday Jack
Sunday veggies fresh from the garden

I hope you’ve had a good weekend; did you start a new project or celebrate something special?

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Suzanne Bramble said...

Looks like you put your poorliness to good use! Great scarf. X