Friday, 16 August 2013

granny stripe blanket, growing slowly

A little update on what's been going on in my life for the past few weeks. I haven't spoken about this before but my dads been on a radiotherapy course of 3 weeks for cancer. Its not something you want to talk about but actually by talking about it you realise just how many people this affects and it helps you sort of understand.When I first found out I was a bit shocked, numb - you name it all sorts of things go through your mind. Why my dad? But we are a positive bunch and just got on with it - like you do. He's almost finished at the hospital with two more sessions next week and he's doing really well. He's a very positive person and our way to cope has been to give as much support as possible, no fuss just helping with their house move, transforming their garden with my sister Danielle which was a very positive thing to do, very rewarding seeing his face when we'd finished and included lunch with lots of laugher (laughter is a good tonic); visiting as often as possible to just chat and drink lots of tea. We talked too much tonight, anyone that knows me will know I love to talk!

So tonight I drove straight from work to Canterbury to have dinner and cook with my mum. We made macaroni cheese, the recipe I posted earlier this week. And he loved it, nice and comforting and soft and did I mention he loved it? I think my mum will have to cook it every week :-) I like doing things for other people, giving is very rewarding and if it makes the receiver happy then its a win win situation. Sounds corny but when things like this happen it puts it all into perspective. Small things are far more important and family comes first.

It was a lovely and relaxed evening, sat chatting, drank lots of tea and finished another row of my blanket. It goes so well with their colour scheme my dad has requested I make him one! How could I refuse, nice to have your work appreciated and its a joy to do. So pleased the weather has changed so I can crack on with it, plan is to get it finished in two weeks so I start the next one. I've really loved making this one so far, my summer project to keep me warm in the winter. Its been on a journey with me, to hospital with my dad, to my parents house, sneaky row in my lunch break and in front of the tv.

Big thanks go to Lucy at Attic 24, without her bog I wouldn't have started this blanket. I've followed for years, like many other bloggers. Her posts cheer me up, full of colour and happiness. How could you not get immersed in all that colour? Blogging is not just about showing the world you can do something, yes its a record of your achievements but also about every day life, just as it is. I hope I didn't get carried away, but this week I've had a lot to say!

My friend Bianca lives in Holland and celebrated her birthday on Monday. I was a little late sending her present but it was worth the wait and she loves it (phew!) I used some of my vintage fabric stash with three metres of pretty bias binding I found in Canterbury last month. So happy birthday Bianca and looking forward to seeing you in September x


Jo said...

Sending my very best wishes for your dad, Radiotherapy can really take it out of you, but having caring family around must really help. My dad has also just been diagnosed with Cancer. It just seems one thing after another as myself, my mum, my sister and now my dad have had Cancer over the last fourteen years. I think the main thing is to keep positive. Your blanket is lovely, the colours are so cheery.

Angel Jem said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad. My Dad had throat cancer about 2 years ago with daily radiation for 6 weeks. It really took it out of him and Mum but I was so glad to be there as a support. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well, and to find a friend to support you! I will be thinking of you.