Tuesday, 27 August 2013

crochet, gardening and bread pudding

Bank holiday Monday was quiet for us; just the way I like it. A quick trip for some DIY bits for decorating the dining room - 2 rooms in a week we must have the decorating bug! A little harvest out of the garden (as shown) For a newly planted veg patch it has done really well rewarding us with runners, French beans and lots of tomatoes. The plums are a little slow to ripen but I'll use them for chutney so no rush. But its lovely to be able to prepare dinners all weekend and something has come from that small patch. Tastes better, less or rather no air miles and no waste, oh and saves a few pounds per meal. If you look at the price of French beans it must be at least £1.60 per meal.

small harvest on Sunday

glad I only grew one courgette!
totem toms on the patio

runner bean wig wams need to be taller next year

Before we popped out I made a huge bread pudding using my favourite recipe from good old Nigel Slater. I know you don't really need a recipe but after finding this on online I would highly recommend it, my family love it and I'm lucky if it lasts one day!

The afternoon was spent crocheting a new scarf for my mums birthday in a couple of weeks time the pattern link is here at Mousenotebook. I've decided after 3 years (self taught using You Tube and books) that I was actually crocheting a little wrong and now I am doing it right and I love it again! It looked right but it was the way I was making the first stitch - hard to explain but I'm on the right track now so that's the main thing. I've also been using my Kindle for Pinterest and looking for digital patterns, I love it. I can sit in front of the TV and look at the pattern without having to get up! But there is one downside, I can loose an hour or two looking at Pinterest. Look me up if you need a recipe or knitting/crochet pattern, I've got quite a collection now.

On Friday night I made some cute buttons using a kit I bought myself back in June in Canterbury. I've got a box of small scraps crying out to be used for buttons. I also had an order for two lavender stacks and I love making them Pinterest Eight by Six

I thought I had a quiet weekend but after reading this it wasn't that quiet after all!

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Angel Jem said...

Love the buttons! You really had a good weekend!