Thursday, 13 June 2013

what's been happening at Eight-by-Six

A lot more gardening that's for sure. Now that the sun has decided to show itself it has made a huge difference to my garden! Mind you we have had some rain this week. By day I potter in the garden (weekends and evenings) and by night I crochet in front of the TV! I'm now working on a granny stripe blanket as shown on Attic 24. I just couldn't resist anymore and I had to crochet one for myself. I've almost given up on blanket no.1 and I'm now thinking about unpicking it and starting again. Maybe but not decided yet as its a lot of work to start it all over again!

The new veg patch is in - yeah! My hubby (Ian) and son (Jack) started it on Sunday with my help although I did cut my finger on a nail when they told me specifically not to attempt to remove the old raised beds whilst they went out to collect the screws from Wickes. Like any woman I ignored them and promptly made a lovely neat split in my thumb, ouch! I then spent half hour nursing my cut with various sizes of plasters, cup of tea and chocolate biscuits. Lesson no.1 listen to instructions and you won't get injured!

Last night (Wed) I came home and guess what .. raised bed number 2 has been completed - even bigger yeah! So chuffed, lot of money for tanalised wood, quite a lot of digging because we decided to remove 3 bushes or rather trees and now a lot of planting and sowing to do (the fun bit) and pottering around and maybe a few new bushes to close a gap in the fence. I even managed to finally empty the compost bin and re-site in nearer the house. Not that I have a huge garden but rambling through pyracantha is not my idea of fun to get to the old compost bin site. And it only took me about 8 years to realise there was a better place nearer the house.

Who said a garden is never finished... Alan Titchmarsh I think!

And here is my lovely birthday cake that Jack had made for me on the 25 May .....

new veg patch June 13  2013

I'll post some more photos of the new veg patch at the weekend. Two new raised beds 9 x 3 each!


Jo said...

How exciting having some new planting space. I love your birthday cake, what a lovely surprise from Jack.

Crafty in the Med said...

hello Amanda
What a delicious looking birthday cake. I bet that didn't last long :-)
On reading your post and looking at your photos has given me the umph to get cracking with the large bag of soil I have under my deck chair on my balcony. I brought it some weeks back to refresh the top layer of soil in my pots. Yep! I'm off to do that now :-)

keep well

A xx

Little Blue Mouse said...

Your raised beds are looking good.
Gorgeous cake!