Monday, 17 June 2013

Canterbury, veggie garden and granny stripe blanket

On Saturday I took my Japanese friend Tsujii to Canterbury for the day. Always a pleasure and we are always guaranteed to have a fab time filled with laughter, food and shopping. I drove and then used the park & ride which is brilliant and only costs £3 for the car and up to 6 passengers, it was just the two us but still a good price. We walked along White Friars shopping center and saw a pony and rider advertising the local riding school and a drum band playing - very colourful. Lots to see and do in Canterbury and I love walking around the old part of the town. We found the Tower House  along by the river Stour where you can take a boat ride or go punting. I think I'll try this later this summer with Ian.
So here are some of the photos I took on Saturday along with my granny stripe blanket progress (pattern from Attic 24) and veggie patch photos too. I'm loving the extra space my new raised beds have given me. Plenty big to potter around in! I managed to put tomato plants; courgette, my dwarf beans and Pak Choi for £1 in Homesbase yesterday morning plus some rows of radish, salad leaves amongst some of the seeds I found in the kitchen drawer!
street band

a lovely spoon bought in Canterbury

Ladies Mantle - self seeds in my gravel garden

granny stripe blanket in progress

Craft Market in Whitefriars Shopping Center Canterbury

The Sewing Shop Canterbury ( a bit of craft therapy)

Cath Kidston shop in Canterbury

newly planted veg patch

Canterbury Cathedral
veg patch finished :-)

River Stour


Tower House


Jo said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day out. There looks ot be lots of nice shops in Canterbury, a place I've never been. Loving the granny stripe blanket, I haven't attempted one of those yet, I'm still plodding on with my One A Day blanket and my ripple.

eight by six said...

Jo it is lovely, although I don't live that far from Canterbury I still love going for the shops and atmosphere. Not like all the other high streets that look empty. Wow a ripple blanket how wonderful. I tried to do one and failed after the first few clusters.

Sharron said...

Hi Amanda, Canterbury is a beautiful place. I've only ever visited once, but would love to return to, especially after seeing your pics. Looks like you enjoyed every minute! Your Granny Stripe is working up beautifully. Thanks for visiting me at 'Annie's Place' :)