Monday, 24 June 2013

meadow daisies

We were lucky with the weather on Sunday morning and only managed to get caught in one light rain shower. We haven't had the time for a long walk over at Ranscombe Farm Reserve for a couple weeks due to work committments so it was a pleasant surprise to see the meadow daisies in full bloom. They were also along the path on one side of this meadow. The meadow at the top of the hill was full of dandelions, very tall ones! Sadly only a couple of poppies are flowering but signs of lots more still yet to flower. Everything is so late this year what with the long winter and muddling up the seasons. Mind you were are having typical Wimbledon weather!

There was a turn stile just along from where I took this photo but we didn't cut through the field. I wish we had now, it look so inviting although a little windy. We haven't walked along this part before so that's why I'd never noticed this, I do like the old wooden type of stile. All along our walk the metal types have been installed, some because there are cattle grazing in the woods and sheep in the next field until recently.

We stopped for lunch in our usual spot under a big tree sitting on the carved bench. I made a bit of a mistake on the tea front, it was luke warm! Not sure how I managed to do that but its the second time now. Ian said he'll make it next time so we will have hot tea!
The afternoon was spent sitting in front of the TV with hot tea and crochet one of my granny blankets (I currently have three on the go) I hope you managed to get out and about where you live and maybe had some sunshine.
Garden chair with one of my new bay trees by the back door. When we get some sunshine this is a nice sunny spot after work

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