Thursday, 20 June 2013

colourful crochet hooks (granny stripe blanket anyone?)

A while back I started to tell you about my new (now not so new) crochet hook but never actually got round to giving you all the details. Blame it on old age or too much on. Anyway here is my crochet hook, lovely isn't it? So the lady who kindly made this for me is Cara Jane and she has a web site So when you have some time do pop over and have a look.

And here are some more colours that Cara Jane has made in the past. All lovely and colourful and a must have for anyone that loves to crochet.

Some more new wool arrived this morning for my Granny Stripe Blanket (which I can't seem to put down and I can easily complete one stripe per evening) I think I've completed 15 stripes now - I'll post more pics over the weekend.

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