Saturday, 11 May 2013

in search of bluebells

Last Sunday we took a small packed lunch in my backpack and off we went to the woods in search of bluebells. We park close to Cobham Woods (National Trust) and walk along the pathways following signs for Ranscombe Reserve (Plantlife).

Maybe we were a week early, but we found a small amount on our usual path, and plan to go back this Sunday on another route to Ashenbank Wood to find the larger area where the smell is amazing! So here are some photos taken on our walk and picnic sitting on a lovely hand carved wooden bench (I'll take a close up of the bench this weekend). The North Downs (Kent) are beautiful and as you know I love to visit whenever I can for a few hours walking with Ian + Moss (sometimes Jack too!)


do you know what this is? if you do please let me know

picnic spot .... what a view!

me and Moss

view from our picnic spot

and in the other direction

Ranscombe farm in the distance (Oast House)

our picnic spot

wild flowers

wild flowers .... I don't know what these are called


Angel Jem said...

Was the mystery flower wild garlic? They look a little like Lily of the valley leaves with small white flowers but they smell like garlic if you crush the leaves. Quite tasty, I'm told!

eight by six said...

That's funny because this weekend I thought that .... and that they look like lilly of the valley. They are everywhere, are they safe to pick?

Little Blue Mouse said...

What a lovely place to have a picnic.