Saturday, 4 May 2013

cupcakes and crochet (granny squares, lots of them)

An early start for me this morning, which is very unusual. I do like my sleep and never get up early on a Saturday, come to think of it on any day! But today I decided to get up, get out and visit my friend Lisa at her Farmer and Flea market in town in the sunshine (and it didn't last which is typical of bank holiday weather). I picked up a couple of bargains plus some local bread + cakes. I forgot what good fun they are looking around for bargains and chatting to people.

I haven't quite finished blanket number one and here is blanket number two! Really this one is blanket number one reworked after I'd practised for hours and hours on the large granny square one and realised it was actually easy to crochet this little squares of happiness. Excuses excuses! In fact I can now be found quite happily sitting on the sofa surrounded by oddments of wool, choosing colours and loosing myself in my crochet bliss. Mad? No I expect most people who are new to crochet are completely hooked by these little squares. And why wouldn't you be. After all they are so easy to do, don't take up much space ... but when sewn together create something beautiful and useful. So there you have it I've come out as a crochet addict! Can you see the lovely crochet hook in the bottom picture? I'll have more news on this over the weekend and where you can buy your own. I love mine that arrived on Friday!

I'm also quite found of cupcakes .... and baking your own is much more fun than buying them. You get to be creative and do quality control at the same time (honest you have to eat one or two before everyone tries them). So my weekend so far has started on the right note; crochet and cupcakes. Enjoy your weekend and hope some sunshine comes your way. Amanda x


Kathy said...

Wow. Looks like you had a very rewarding day. I have been looking for that type of crochet hook for ages, looking forward to knowing where you bought them. Enjoy the rest of the Bank holiday weekend. HAPPY CROCHETING

eight by six said...

thanks Kathy... I'll reveal where you can purchase them from tomorrow. I've already spoken to the designer about my next hook!

Moochka said...

Lovely :) xx