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my day at Chelsea Flower Show 2013

You heard it from me first! Here is the link to my guest blog entry on the
Thompson + Morgan website!

free knitting pattern (children's hooded cardigan)

When my son was little my mother in law used to knit something similar, here is the free pattern link

blog giveaway for May .....

I'm so exited that Chelsea Flower Show is just a few days away ... my birthday too; 20 years at my current job this week and being asked to guest blog for Thompson and Morgan. I'm having a fab May so far but the highlight will be going to the press day at Chelsea on Monday.

A friend at work had a little post card on her desk on Monday advertising Nutleys Kitchen Gardens, well worth a look and they offer free postage in the UK too. I contacted Jo straight away after viewing their web site and she has kindly offered to support the blog giveaway for May. How fab is that? I will also collect what I can at Chelsea on Monday to make it an even better prize.

So to the boring bit ... rules are rules and all that ..... all you have to do is become a blogger friend by joing Eight by Six blog for one chance; share on your blog for another and become a friend of my Facebook page for yet another chance. Just leave me a message telling me your name and Blog and I'll add you into the dr…

bluebells from Holland

These lovely photos were sent to me by my friend Bianca who lives in The Netherlands. You can almost smell the scent. She took them on her iPhone!

in search of bluebells

Last Sunday we took a small packed lunch in my backpack and off we went to the woods in search of bluebells. We park close to Cobham Woods (National Trust) and walk along the pathways following signs for Ranscombe Reserve (Plantlife).

Maybe we were a week early, but we found a small amount on our usual path, and plan to go back this Sunday on another route to Ashenbank Wood to find the larger area where the smell is amazing! So here are some photos taken on our walk and picnic sitting on a lovely hand carved wooden bench (I'll take a close up of the bench this weekend). The North Downs (Kent) are beautiful and as you know I love to visit whenever I can for a few hours walking with Ian + Moss (sometimes Jack too!)

cupcakes and crochet (granny squares, lots of them)

An early start for me this morning, which is very unusual. I do like my sleep and never get up early on a Saturday, come to think of it on any day! But today I decided to get up, get out and visit my friend Lisa at her Farmer and Flea market in town in the sunshine (and it didn't last which is typical of bank holiday weather). I picked up a couple of bargains plus some local bread + cakes. I forgot what good fun they are looking around for bargains and chatting to people.

I haven't quite finished blanket number one and here is blanket number two! Really this one is blanket number one reworked after I'd practised for hours and hours on the large granny square one and realised it was actually easy to crochet this little squares of happiness. Excuses excuses! In fact I can now be found quite happily sitting on the sofa surrounded by oddments of wool, choosing colours and loosing myself in my crochet bliss. Mad? No I expect most people who are new to crochet are completely h…
congratulations to my son Jack for passing his theory driving test today x