Saturday, 13 April 2013

cake and crochet

Today I made my first Victoria sponge cake since school days. Not sure why it took so long to get around to baking one; after many hints from Ian I decided to bake one for when he finished work today. Trouble was he came home early and I hadn't assembled the cake! He was pleased all the same and waited patiently for it to cool down, finally having a huge slice at 3pm. Well that is tea time isn't it? I used Mary Berrys perfect Victoria sponge recipe because its easy and I hate mixing this then mixing that and adding it together. I'm quite impatient and like quick results. I was surprised how good it was for such an easy recipe and will make it again and again. Here is a picture of Moss giving his best puppy eyes, please let me have a little bit look. It didn't work!

I'm still working away with my large crochet blanket (first one) and can see why its becoming so fashionable again. I love mixing the colours and don't even mind sewing in the ends. I've been doing this as I go along to make it less of a task. So 14 rounds to go and it will fit our double bed and then I can start my next one ;-) Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Amanda x


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a lovely Saturday afternoon, bit of baking, gorgeous cake (my favourite) and some crochet :) xx

Anne said...

Put the kettle on I'll get my coat!! Looks divine, I cant resist cake.

eight by six said...

thanks Anne that made me laugh. I was surprised how lovely it was for my irst attempt! Cheryl it was the perfect rainy afternoon but not good for the hips!

Crafty in the Med said...

Hello there
That sponge cake looks really delicious so I'm not at all surprised poor pooch is pleading for a tiny little bit. Don't tell me you didn't give him a tiny weeny little bit.
Do wish I could have sufficient patience to crochet a blanket for a double bed. My maximum is a cot cover.

keep well

Amanda :-)

pixie said...

Hi Amanda, I'm not a great cook but I do like baking and I recently came across this recipe (I do actually LOVE Mary Berry!!)and everytime I bake it everyone says how DEEEE...LISH....US it is!! Made with our own eggs of course! x