Friday, 11 January 2013

its cold, bread pudding needed

When its cold you feel like eating comfort food, I know I do. Something to do with fueling your body for sub zero temperatures. Snow is planned in the South for Monday, I hope they get it wrong. The last time we had lots of snow everything came to a grinding halt, shops ran out of food and driving on the motorway became an extreme sport. So a quick Friday night baking session whilst my two are at work and the cinema - an hour or so later and two bread puddings. I started making them in loaf tins a while back because you get nice deep satisfying slices of pudding. Ian said he was going on a diet until I rang him to say I was baking - ahh never mind he said the diet can start on Monday! A way to a mans heart ...

Whilst they were in the oven I carried on knitting the free pattern I posted earlier this week. I haven't used this yarn before and its lovely to knit with with clear stitch definition and so soft to touch. I've just started the back and raglan decreases, so far its looking good and I hope two balls are enough.

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm and cosy. Amanda x


Angel Jem said...

Mmm bread pudding! One of my favourites! And you are right there is something about the weather than screams carbs. We ( the Princess and me) made brownies again today!

Cheryl said...

The loaf tins are a good idea, they look very tasty :)