Sunday, 6 January 2013

granny squares, caramel sauce and walking in the woods

My weekend has been about cooking including sweet-sea-salted-caramel sauce
found via little birdie

Receiving my first copy of Simply Crochet magazine

Making progress with my first granny square blanket

and walking in the wood this morning


(sea salted caramel sauce can be addictive, I've tried mine on hot chocolate with whipped cream!)


green glamour said...

thanks for free robin patten hx

eight by six said...

your welcome. I plan to post one free pattern every week from January x

Angel Jem said...

Oooh! Caramel sauce! I bought some in France this summer, finished it with tears in October and dreamt of it for Christmas. Thanks for the link, I must make some later this month.... perhaps tomorrow when the kids are back at school!

Jo said...

It sounds like a lovely weekend. I received my crochet magazine too, there's a few projects I'd like to have a go at.