Saturday, 1 December 2012

crocheted Christmas Baubles

I wanted to crochet something festive this weekend and came across this pattern. I've almost made one this evening and will take a picture tomorrow to show you how easy it is. I didn't have any glass baubles in my loft with my Christmas decorations, but I did find some gold plastic ones that might just work.

And here they are (not a brilliant photo) and they would look better on glass. But for ten minutes or so of crochet and they are re-vamped! Shown on a small tree not fully decorated but I might just buy some glass ones for the big tree!


Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Amanda
Thats brilliant I think I could use that pattern on some old grubby looking baubles that are getting decidely worn. A good make over.
It really is amazing the trememdous amount of Crochet Christmas ideas out there. I just keep seeing new things I want to make....spoilt for choice

keep well

Amanda :-)

Jo said...

They look lovely, a great way to jazz up plain baubles.