Saturday, 10 November 2012

UFOs ... of the knitting kind

I'm terrible at starting projects halfway through the first one I've just started. I have a little pile of UFOs in my craft room. I know I am not alone; most knitters have the same bad habit. What is it about walking into a wool shop and drooling over the balls of wool all lined up to temp us? Or is it just me?

A prime example is this one that I started in the summer. I really need to finish this because its cold enough to wear it! This weekend I plan to crack on and start + finish the right side. I am setting myself a goal of finishing this in November (the quicker the better) so that I can get on with another new project (Christmas presents .... and the calender is going too fast now that its only round the corner) And finish the right hand glove .... here is my first attempt at the Anter Glove pattern knitted in Patons Merino wool (eBay bargain)

Ian has been waiting patiently for three weeks and hey presto he now owns a very fashionable (if I may say so) mens merino wool crochet scarf. Nothing fancy just plain double crochet for every row (which are very very long) and three balls of Wendy 100% Merino wool in Mallard. It's the first scarf I've made him and he said its very warm; perfect for walking Moss. I bought this wool on holiday in Bradford on Avon in the loveliest shop I've visited in ages called Jumble Jelly. I wish I lived nearer to be able to visit every week. The shop is owned by Debbie and we spoke briefly before I had to dash off (hubby waiting on the corner witnessing two vans coliding!) She has a blog if you'd like to pop by

We lack nice cosy friendly shops like these in the South East. Everyone is too busy to stop and sit, knit, crochet and let the world go by. I do visit John Lewis at Blue Water every month; this month with my sister Danielle who loves to shop there as much as me. We get carried away with the big range of fabrics, buttons and crafting materials that we normally spend far too long in there!

Right I'm off to finish the washing up after eating my home made cottage pie, then to get on with my knitting. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Crafty Helen said...

Yum - that pie looks delicious. X

Anne said...

Its freezing today, you probably finished the knitting just in time! Enjoy your week!

Little Blue Mouse said...

I don't knit much now, but I've still got four or five unfinished items from years and years ago. I think one only needs sewing up!

Arwedd said...

I've tagged you in a game of blog-tag here I hope you don't mind.