Tuesday, 20 November 2012

granny squares and post number 300!

Two months on and still the same amount of granny squares, but I have made a slight change. I kept looking at the pale cream borders on my granny squares last night and decided they needed more colour. So I un-picked half of them and added red, cornflower blue and apple green borders which I think is lovely and bright. So I've ditched the cardi (that can wait will January!) and I'm back into my crochet. It's true the more you crochet the easier it becomes and more addictive! Just one thing, my granny squares have 4 rounds which I think look cute. How many rounds do you crochet yours? Lots of blogs suggest 7 rounds. I have opted for 5 with the 5th round being crochet as I join them together.

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Cheryl said...

I think the number of rounds I do are probably different with every project :) Love your colour combos! x