Wednesday, 3 October 2012

do you crochet?

You do that's great because I bought myself two new books that I'd like to share!

Granny Squares (Barbara Wilder, Melanie Sturm and Stephanie Gohr) and 150 Blocks to knit and crochet (Heather Lodinsky). Granny Squares is my favourite book and has some lovely little projects that would make great presents. Here are a couple of my favourites.


You could make this from some bits in your wool stash. It would be good for an allotment friend, I might make this for a friend at work!

I love the idea of making it look like a patchwork rather than a traditional blanket. The bedspread has given me an idea for my current project. As I've only managed 11 blocks in total so far its not too late to change my mind on the design. The book is very reasonably priced on for £6.61 and free delivery. It would also make a good Christmas present for a crafty person you know.

It also gives you different patterns to use for your granny squares at the begining of the book - just what I was looking for!


VP said...

No I don't and I wish I did! It looks a lovely book for those of you who do

hausfrau said...

My crochet talent is somewhat limited, but Granny squares I can do. I had just such a blanket on my bed as a child, and I still own it though I had to add more squares to make it a double.. perhaps I'd better get it out of the airing cupboard and reinstate it!