Sunday, 23 September 2012

more granny squares

I ditched the first attempt, I couldn't get on with the acrylic wool from Wilkinsons it was awful. I raided my wool stash, I knew I had some oddments of Debbie Bliss Rialto DK in various forms (including two half finished scarves!) I think I'm getting the hang of this, the first couple are not perfect but then I'm not looking for a shop bought perfect blanket. It's raining here today so no excuse needed to get on with my crochet, very comforting now the autumn weather is here. Thank you Jo for your help this week x

And you may want to look at this blog and drool (like I do) at the blankets! Wow I just hope I get to be that good serendipitypatch.blogspot

I'm also busy finishing off three orders of lavender bags (one for 12 sets!) my craft room looks colourful and busy today. A lovely way to spend the afternoon, sewing, lavender filling the air and the odd granny square or two! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Amanda


Jo said...

You're very welcome, Amanda. Your squares look great and I love the colours you're using, they complement each other really well. I bet your house smells wonderful with the lavender aroma wafting around.

eight by six said...

Thanks Jo, I prefer working with Debbie Bliss. I found this and I hope I can make a blanket that good! serendipitypatch.blogspot

Jo said...

I've been following Debbie's blog for a long time, she makes some beautiful blankets.