Thursday, 27 September 2012

easy cable scarf pattern (Easy Knits for Little Kids by Catherine Tough)

My son Jack requested a new knitted scarf for our holiday and chose some nice soft Patons Shadow Tweed. The patten is taken from a book called Easy Knits for Little Kids by Catherine Tough that I recently picked up on eBay (Jack is now 20!) I like the book, it has cute designs should I be asked to knit for a toddler and the scarf pattern is sooo easy, just 16 rows and one row of cable. The scarf is almost finished and should be ready for blocking on Sunday, I fancy knitting one for myself next!


Jo said...

I like that, and the wool is lovely too. I don't have any men to knit scarves for, none of mine will wear them.

eight by six said...

I knitted Jack a scarf a few years ago and he still wears it! This one will need blocking over the w/end. How are you getting on with the wool you bought for your scarf?

Jo said...

I'm still knitting the scarf, I've got two balls of wool left. It's lovely and soft, I'm looking foward to wearing it.