Wednesday, 26 September 2012

crochet granny squares, my little box of sunshine

Isn't the weather just awful at the moment? I do hope it improves for our canal boating holiday in a few weeks otherwise it won't be much fun with more water dropping out of the sky than in the canal!

I'm still hooked on my crochet squares and take my little tin to work with me each day. Honestly I'm not mad (just a little crazy) its nice to peek inside, makes me smile. I try to crochet one or finish one at work in my lunch break; I've completed 9 now and just about to finish the 10th (not bad considering I couldn't do this a few weeks ago). At home I have a button jar in my craft room, that's a happy jar! My local sewing shop has rows of buttons, some in jars and some in tubes. If I'm feeling really down I pop along there to buy a couple, very therapeutic although I think the owner thinks I'm mad! Does anyone else have a similar craft thing that makes them smile? Please tell me its not just me ;-)


Caro (UrbanVegPatch) said...

I'm with you on the crochet front. Taught myself a couple of years ago as I was finding it difficult to knit (RSI thumbs from typing!). I sometimes lay all my squares out just for the pleasure of looking at them, although I've a long way to go before they become a blanket!

eight by six said...

Hi Caro so pleased you left a comment. yes I get RSI from typing during the day and knitting too much at night!

Arwedd said...

My fix is opening my ribbons box and running them through my fingers. Guess I'm just wierd. Glad the crochet is going well, those squares look excellent and I love the colours!!

I too get RCI, repetitive Crochet Injury, but I still won't stop. I really want to learn to knit but I just can't seem to get it right. Maybe one day I'll just get it?

Arwedd xx

eight by six said...

Hi Arwedd, thanks for popping by. I wonder how many people get RCI too?