Sunday, 26 August 2012

Baileys anyone?

This afternoon I tried out this baileys-chocolate-cupcake-recipe; I'm off to see my cousins Simone + Natalie on Tuesday for lunch. Simone sent me a link a few weeks ago about boozy cupcakes so I had to have a go! Any excuse to bake and use up some Baileys at the same time. I was given two bottles last Christmas and they remained un-opened until today. I didn't have a fancy cupcake nozzle when I posted the first picture (now updated with my new nozel creation!) as it didn't come with my Tala set; which is a shame because it has about 10 nozzles. Anyway they may not be perfect but they taste delish. So I plan to make another batch tomorrow afternoon and distribute these to some neighbours as we won't eat 12 of them tonight.


Crafty Helen said...

Left over Baileys? Hmm, something I don't have a problem with. Would love the recipe if you have the time to share it. Thanks X

VP said...

Just finished a Baileys coffee. Baileys ice cream is delish too :)

Jo said...

Baileys isn't a favourite of mine but the cupcakes look wonderful.