Monday, 2 July 2012

call of nature

A few years ago we stopped on-route somewhere in Sussex (I think) to use the facilities in a garden centre. On the way out I said I had to buy something because I felt guilty using the toilet! Anyway I picked up a white Scabosia (pincushion flower) as it was only quite small and easy to carry - little did I know it would become one of my favourite plants! Funny how these things happen. The original white variety is in bud in the background but since then a few years later I bought two or three more called Butterfly Blue at a local plant show with my sister. I just love the buds and its an easy plant to grow with little maintenance, perfect. Mine get full sun for most of the day then a little shade towards late afternoon and are grown in my gravel garden edging the paved circle. I've also added a similar plant picked up at one of my RHS visits last year called Knautica macedonica (crimson Scabious) and I was lucky to be given 5 small plants that I've planted in a small gravel area in my front garden. Also this month my seed grown pot marigolds are lovely and cheeful (I'll add a photo later this week) What's your favourite plant?


Suzanne said...

Great blog - you have a lovely garden. Now following and will be back to look at your archives!x

eight by six said...

Thanks Suzanne for popping by, really pleased you like my blog too! Amanda x

...Tabiboo... said...

What a beautiful plant.

Nina x