Saturday, 7 April 2012

A recipe revisited

I had a couple of days off last week and managed to get the garden clear of our kitchen re-fit rubbish (with the help of Ian of course) sowing seeds and generally having a potter around the garden. In between this Moss had a vets visit which resulted in him being sedated but more about that in my next post.

I hadn’t taken the heated propagator out of the loft so decided to make so with what I could find. Last year I bought a pack of Suttons Tomato Collection Seed Mats on eBay and although out of date they germinated in about 5 days! I’ve never tried seed mats before and wouldn’t normally pay silly amounts of money for them but on this occasion my eBay bargain has paid off. I’m going to have more plants than I need but hopefully some friends and family will be pleased with the little pots. (Gardeners Delight, Marmalade + Money maker) Also one tray of Matina (T&M 99p last year) that were brilliant rcoppers; the leaves are like potato plants! Well worth a go in grow bags; these will be my main plants grown along the fence out of the way of Moss!

So this made me think of cooking with the end results and I hunted out a jar of tomato + apple jam, which may sound odd tastes very much like strawberry jam (honest!) So here is the recipe again for you to try, it’s so easy and tastes delish! You can find the recipe here tomato + apple jam or on my previous post

Here are some photos from recent sowings + harvesting.

Gardeners Delight seedlings appearing

Happy Easter and happy gardening (weather permitting) Amanda x


Jo said...

The psb looks good, it looks like Moss thinks so too. I hope he's ok after his vet's visit. Happy Easter.

eight by six said...

Thanks Jo. Yes lots of attention and psb (he loves it!) cooked. Have a great Easter w/end