Saturday, 14 January 2012

A space of my own

About a week before Christmas Ian finished the new room at the back of the kitchen.  It used to be his fish house for his marine tank; the tank showing through the kitchen wall like a huge living picture. Beautiful as it was it was the running costs we too high so in 2010 it was dismantled and sold.  The space was left empty for some time before we decided to turn it into a useable room; question was what we could use it for. That’s where I come in! Having taken over the dining room with my craft supplies, spilling onto the floor and generally being disorganised, I suggested we use it for a small sewing room. So here it is a little space of my own (well shared with the new fridge that sounds like a pair of pigeons cooing!)

Here are some of the lovely presents I received; these are from my sister Danielle (also a crafter) she made the heart out of galvenised wire + buttons, hanging in my new room.

metal heart + buttons
my lovely new sewing basket

I’ve also been busy making a crochet roll as a test because a friend’s birthday is approaching (she hinted she would love a knitting needle roll). I’m pretty pleased with it and decided to use it for crochet hooks and circular needles.  Just need to press it again and sew the top down to keep the flap in place. I found the pattern at today we made it was fiddly and I’ve never used interfacing before but after reading the instructions about 50 times I got there in the end.
crochet hook roll
wrapped up safe

Have a great weekend. Amanda x


Ma Larkin said...

lovely sewing basket.

Jo said...

Mick used to have a marine tank, but he also dismantled his in 2010, it just took so much looking after. He still has a tropical tank though. How lovely to have your own craft space. I love the crochet roll, very clever.

hausfrau said...

Lucky you to have a space you can leave as you like!
The pretty roll reminded me of a rather uglier (orange) item we had to make in our first year of needlework at school: an equipment roll for our science implements. I wonder if modern children are allowed to own a scalpel?!