Thursday, 22 December 2011

only a couple of days to go

I can't believe I haven't made a blog entry for over 4 weeks, I've been a touch busy as I'm sure all of you have been too!

I had tons of lavender bag orders to complete, as I finished one the next one arrived. Not that I'm complaining but I must have listed them too cheap in the first place. So no more for a while now to give the machine a rest!

Back into knitting this week to get rid of some stress levels building up in time for Christmas. Another cardi but I only had to buy the pattern as the wool was in my stash in the loft! I like this yarn as its easy to knit with and keeps its shape. There are some colours on sale at Kemps Woolshop if you fancy grabbing a bargain (I have, just don't tell hubby!)

The kitchen is coming on and almost complete, Ian has worked every hour to get the new floor in, painting, woodwork; the list is endless. Some replacement doors arrived yesterday and its all coming together. And I moved into my new craft area at the back of the kitchen a few weeks ago and love it. I do share it with the new larder fridge (that makes pigeon cooing noises from time to time!) But I have shelving, a new desk, chairs and radio, I just love it.

Anyway in case I don't get time to blog again this week ... wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2012 (a leap year)

Amanda x


Jo said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and all the very best for 2012. Your new craft area sounds wonderful, and well done with your lavender bags, it sounds like your little business is really taking off.

eight by six said...

Thanks Jo. The picture of Archie on your blog looks adorable. Hope you all had a fab Christmas too x