Sunday, 20 November 2011

Roy the rescued Kestrel

Roy the Kestrel

Late last week Ian found a Kestrel in the local field whilst walking Moss. It didn't appear injured so he brought it home and looked after it for a few days whilst we rang around to find out what to do next. In the meantime Ian contacted Eagle Hieghts to get some advice. Then this morning we were put in contact with Ingrid at Swale Wildlife Rescue this morning, without people like Ingrid these birds would not survive. Ian named him Roy after his friend at work. Roy is now with Ingrid for the winter in rehab! I'll let you know the progress as in the Spring we can go and see him go back into the wild. Happy ending.


Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

He's a beauty - I hope he does well! Is he a young bird?

We had a similar thing with a baby hedgehog a year or so ago - it was too small to hibernate and we ended up taking a hour and half round trip to the nearest hedgehog rescue place.

Captain Shagrat said...

My fella found a kestrel at work in the yard, he contacted someone who later tried to release it.This didn't work so they re-homed it with a falconer. He's become a regular Samaritan recently calling the rescue out for a lost staffy, old feline and a sheep with something stuck on its head. Well done

eight by six said...

We used to have an aviary years ago and Ian bred birds and he used to fly birds of prey so it was lucky he found it. I'm sure it will now be in the best hands although I'll miss seeing him. Ian thinks hes this years bid, guess that's why he was so tame. We also gave a donation to help with keeping him.

bears footprints said...

beautiful birds, how lucky to see one so close up. lets hope it makes a full recover to be returned back to the wild soon x