Sunday, 18 September 2011

Blog Giveway

I'll pick a winner next week or find some novel way to choose a winner! So far six people have entered, come on there must be more of you who would like to have a go.

Beef & Ale casserole in the slow cooker (thanks Jack for your help, he does love cooking) long walk with Ian and the dogs and now to finish some sewing orders. Oh and the sun has been out, a lovely autumn day. We managed to find out kitchen floor tiles this morning, funny how we went back to get something else and they had been reduced, brilliant. Started my mums cardi last week and so far it looks fab, I do love the Sirdar Crofter Chunky wool, makes it look like you've spent ages knitting the colours in! Sure she'll love it. I have unpicked mine as I worked out how to crochet the seems, should only take and hour then I have to block it. Do you block your knitted projects? Why do I need to do it? Any tips? Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Amanda x


Pomona said...

I didn't block things for years, but I do now - it really does make a difference, and especially if it is something that you are giving as a present. I use those big rubbery floor jigsaw pieces that little children have as my blocking board, and pin it out flat in front of the fire using long pins. If it is something small like a scarf I just pin it on the ironing board over night.

Pomona x

eight by six said...

thanks that's a great idea. Does it give the garment a better shape? Do you crochet your seams?

Jo said...

I don't block everything but I would block something if it was being given as a present, or if it's a big item as it gives it a much better shape. Mmmm, steak and ale casserole, you're making me hungry.