Monday, 15 August 2011

a quick update

Just popped in for a quick update on the veg garden. Lots of toms are ripening up, tons of courgettes both yellow and green (Black Beauty), cucumbers and chillies growing well in my experimental grow house. The French beans didn't do very well so I've sown a late batch for September pickings and the Swiss Chard Bright Lights wilted a bit but a feed of Miracle Grow should put that right! I'm going to grow tomatoe Madina again next year, I think that's what is was called! Its the funny potatoe leafed variety and I have to say even though its toppled over with the weight of the toms its the best one for less leaves. What's been your best variety this year?


Lottie said...

What a brilliant crop, well done you

Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

We have potato leaved varieties growing too but as we haven't had lots of ripe tomatoes as yet the jury is out on which variety is favourite