Monday, 30 May 2011

new neighbours are moving in

I was talking to Ian in the kitchen this afternoon when we both saw a female black bird sitting on the fence. Nothing strange about that but she had some nesting material in her beak, we both looked at each other and smiled, waited for her to go then took a look into our small tree in the garden. She is building a nest! I'm so chuffed and its so near to the house.

This afternoon whilst digging over the veg patch, lugging tons of compost around the male black bird came so close to me to pick up some worms. They have always visited our garden, eaten my strawberries and sat on the fence singing, so its probably no surprise they chose our garden to raise their family. Even so its the first bird family for us and in such a small garden.

I finally got round to taking out the brocolli, the last meal we had with it was only a few days ago and I felt rotten digging it up! Oh well the compost bin has had the benefit. Talking of compost my compost bin must be super speedy. I don't do anything to it apart from give it a good supply of veg peelings, shredded paper and far too many tea bags! But today when I needed compost it gave me four big trugs full which I just about managed to carry. I only emptied it in April, our bin must have very greedy worms!

Sitting having a cuppa I wondered what to do with my cold frames when everything has been planted. So I moved a small cold frame to the freshly dug veg patch and planted my cue plants and some chilli plants inside it. Looks a bit odd but I think it might just work. The top of the cover has little holes now so it shouldn't get too hot. I'm into year four of growing veg so maybe, just maybe I will get a small greenhouse next year! Raining here and very dark so finished just in time.


Jo said...

We had a blackbird nest in our hedge two years ago. I was hoping they'd come back last year then again this year, but they haven't. There's lots of cats around in our street though so perhaps they've put them off.

eight by six said...

we used to have a cat, now just two dogs. They don't seem to mind the dogs and keep moving nesting material in. I just hope they actually have a family there. They are friendly little birds.

Sue@Green Lane Allotments said...

We have blackbird wars in our garden. One male just hates another to be anywhere in sight. Once tow came zooming round the house after one another and just missed smacking into my face.

VP said...

Hi Amanda - great to meet you yesterday :)

I've had to move out of my shed on the allotment because the robins have moved in!

eight by six said...

hi it was great to meet you too we had a brilliant day. Will post some pictures next week and email you too :)