Sunday, 1 May 2011

Most of my seedlings are outside in my two plastic greenhouses. Normally my dining room will be full to the brim but thankfully the weather has been so warm I've managed to use the garden instead. I read on another blog tonight that tomato plants grown in these greenhouses can actually turn out better and hardier. If you start them off too early and inside they become leggy so maybe I've made the right decision. As normal I've grown far too many for my personal use so will give them to work friends and neighbours.

My courgette seedlings + basil have all emerged today, also grown outside. Those little plastic greenhouses are actually very good and cheap. I don't really have room for a proper one so I'm sticking to these for now and they can be used to grow on chilli plants + cucumbers when everything else has been planted out.

I planted out my peas + snow peas today. I took Moss for a long walk and collected all my pea sticks which were far taller than I used in previous years. Came home put them in and gave them a good water, hopefully we will be eating peas very soon! Tomorrow I'll sow some more in my Row Planter boxes, they are brilliant.

Lots more to do but just where to plant it all! Enjoy your bank holiday. Amanda x


Jo said...

I've started my tomato seeds off in my heated propagator but moved the seedlings straight in to my plastic greenhouse which is inside my normal greenhouse. Usually I keep them on my windowsill. They're much sturdier this year than in previous years, though they've taken a little time to get going. My cucumber, squash and courgette plants have been started off in the greenhouse instead of the heated propagator and they look really healthy. I need to pot them on this week.

Green Lane Allotments said...

Tomato plants soon become leggy inside - we see it as having plenty of light but plants think otherwise. If you take photos in the house you will see that you need more light than you would expect.

Our light garden has helped a lot this year though.