Sunday, 15 May 2011

Kentish bluebells

We got up early and went off in seach of bluebells in Cobham Woods. Due to the warm weather in April they arrived early and we almost missed them, well we did miss most of them! Anyway managed to get one photo on my way back to the car alongside the Darnley Mausoleum on the Darnley Trail which we don't normally take. It was a lovely morning and we hardly saw anyone, which was great because we always bump into people with un-social dogs. Moss was tired out after a five mile walk taking in lots of steep bits which I'm not keen on, luckily I took my walking cane today as it did come in very handy. I feel a bit of an idiot taking in then relieved that I did!

After a bit of rest, some knitting and lots of tea drinking I managed to get an hour in the garden. One thing is bothering me, do you take out purple sprouting brocolli once it has finished producing or do you keep in the ground for next year? I'm sure I read somewhere that you keep it in. Really need the space but have loved eating it as it doesn't taste anything like the limp stuff you buy in the shops. Looking forward to your replies. Amanda x


Pomona said...

We always take ours out and give the stalks to the pigs.It takes up so much space otherwise, and I always have plants queuing up for the slots! It is so easy to raise new plants, and it is easier to keep little seedlings in pots than lose all that growing room.

Pomona x

Jo said...

It sounds like a bit of an exhausting walk, but worth it to see the bluebells. My psb was taken out after the pigeons gobbled it all up.