Monday, 23 May 2011

Are you new to crochet and want to make a present, this could be the answer. I found this searching for yarn today and had to share it with you, the colours are really lovely but sadly this shade is discontinued. You can find similar colours in the sale from one of my favourite yarn stockists Cucumberpatch wool shop I bought the 'Frosty' colour today for my scarf and you can find this free pattern here Eskimmi knits self designing scarf pattern. I made a similar one for a friend about a year or so ago and used a similar yarn but turned at the end of every row, this pattern suggests you break the yarn at the end of each row to obtain the stripes and the piece you. I'll let you know how I get on. I know it's summer but if you want to make them for presents it gives you time to get ahead :-)

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Sharon J said...

I love those colours. I use Cucumberpatch too. It's not far from me. As for knitting scarves in summer, that's not worse than me knitting socks in summer. Best to be ready for the winter rather than waiting for it to arrive first :)