Monday, 6 December 2010

I enjoyed a quiet weekend. The farmers market was cancelled due to the heavy snow, I managed to do some sewing, knitting and housework! I really enjoyed being at home pottering around.

Do you remember my knitted fingerless mits? I wasn't very happy with my first two pairs, they seemed a little on the large side. Rather than be defeated I decided to felt on pair, what a difference a quick wash in the machine makes! I liked them so much the other pair are felting as I type.

I still have a mountain of things to do; wrapping, cards to write and presents to find. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll have it all done so that I can sit back and relax a bit more.

My Christmas mini bunting came out really well and I have some in the dining room and some around the lounge window. I decorated the tree and put some lights up in the front window (I normally put the star ones on the tree) It was good to be able to make do with what I already had in the loft rather than spend money on new things.

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Jo said...

Glad the mitts turned out well, you'll be needing them in this weather. I still have loads of things to do for Christmas. I thought I would be really organised this year with me no longer working, but I'm not. I haven't even written my cards yet.