Saturday, 13 November 2010

Banana, chocolate & honey loaf

Lurpak were giving away a loaf tin with their butter last week. I put mine to the test this afternoon with one of the recipes in the free booklet.

Here is the recipe. I left out dates and put in some dark chocolate chunks!

200g self-raising flour
160g Lurpak slightly salted butter (room temperature)
80g caster sugar
2tbsp clear honey (I used local honey) + 1tbsp for drizzling
2 eggs
2 medium ripe bananas
80g chopped dates
40g chopped walnuts

Heat the oven to 160C/140C fan (Gas 3)
Butter + line a loaf tin (I hate this bit)
Mash the bananas then add all the ingredients to the bowl except the extra honey, nuts + dates.
Once its all mixed add the nuts + dates and pour into the tin
cook for 1 hr (or 1hr 15) test with a skewer to make sure its ready then when its warm make several holes with a skewer and pour over the remaining honey. Easy, even I could do it!
Allow to cool completely, then turn out and peel off the greeseproof paper, cut into thick slices and serve with a cup of tea.


Jo said...

Oooh, sounds delicious. Chocolate is much more appealing than dates.

eight by six said...

It tasted great too, my two ate most of it and have requested I bake another one on Monday night!

Craig Rockfield said...

Spotted your blog whilst ranting over at Green Lane, looks delicious 8x6! Keep me well informed of any other interesting and delicious delicacies :D Mmmm

Regards, Craig over at Dykes Edge blog!

eight by six said...

Hi Craig - thanks for popping by. This recipe is great because it keeps well and adding the choc chunks works well :-)