Thursday, 16 September 2010

three weeks and counting!

Only three weeks until our holiday, I really need it! Ian is recovering well from his disc operation and I think we could all do with a proper holiday away from everything. We certainly will be away from it all on a canal boat taking in the lovely views and I'll be catching up on my knitting - fingerless gloves for Christmas presents! The plug plants are doing well and we had some rain so that saved me watering them.


Jo said...

Your holiday sounds fab, where abouts are you going?

eight by six said...

Hi Jo. We are off to the Oxford canal and the route is sort of planned to go towards Rugby through Hawkesbury, Bosworth Battlefield and Shackerstone(we leave from Hillmorton Locks bridge 70). Here is the link to the company we have rented through I can't wait and started to pack my provisions bag tonight!!

Jo said...

It looks wonderful, I'm sure you'll have a great time.