Saturday, 25 September 2010

Autumn is here

Is it me or is there a chill in the air? I'm thinking ahead and how to keep warm with the cooler evenings ahead and I've almost finished my short poncho that I started months ago. It's coming along nicely now and I should have it finished tonight. My first project almost complete, I can't quite believe I've managed it! I've even planned to knit another one as I like the pattern so much! If you would like the pattern just let me know and I'll send a copy. So lamb shanks are in the oven, the tv is on and I'm going to knit all evening until it's finished. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Amanda


Jo said...

I'm thinking about the colder days too, I've just started a scarf for my daughter but it's in Kidsilk Haze, a very fine yarn, and it's quite fiddly. I might start something else to knit along side it at the same time so that I can have a change.

eight by six said...

Kidsilk Haze is very popular, I'm not too good with mohair wool. I bought some wool in the summer to knit a chrug but the pattern is so fiddly I can't get on with it. I'm seen some Sirdar Click on Kemps Wool Shop and a jumper pattern.