Saturday, 12 June 2010

World Cup Fever

I thought I'd do my bit to help the England team today :) I'm not a football fan but it brings out your patriotic side! I managed to finish my smaller bunting last night (seen in the right hand corner) and bought a biscuit barrel in John Lewis to keep with the theme. I picked up some vintage fabric yesterday to make some bunting for my niece, Laura Ashley and quite a find. Anyway today I plan to have a quiet day of housework, washing, gardening, walking the dogs and sewing, oh ok maybe not housework! Whatever you are doing today I hope you enjoy it and that the sun shines and you manage to get into the garden and watch the game tonight.


Jo said...

Love the biscuit tin, very patriotic.

eight by six said...

trouble is they keep eating the biscuits and I have to re-fill it :)