Tuesday, 8 June 2010

my little bundle of happiness

I found the time to finish my first bunting tonight. I made up the extra flags, positioned them in place - I changed the spacing to 6cms from 9cms, ironing as I went along. I bet I did this the long way round but I'll get the hang of this! Anyway by the time I'd finished it was almost midnight so the picture is just of my little bundle of flags all neat in their stack. It feels really great to finish something so quickly. My knitting projects are all over the place begging to be completed. Now I just need some sunshine so I can try them out in the garden - up high so the dog doesn't get them! He's in naughty mode and loves to pick up just about anything to take into the garden to chew.


Jo said...

Well done on finishing it so quickly, it looks like you've mastered that machine already.

eight by six said...

It just came together and I'm now about to start another one.