Monday, 7 June 2010

my first bunting

Well I finally got around to buying my first sewing machine last weekend in John Lewis. Sadly I haven't had much spare time to do very much. I made a small padded birdie for a friends birthday and a heart to hang up. But then I decided last night to make my first bunting. I'm a bit late getting into this but now I've started I think there is no stopping me! It's addictive!

So here is a picture of my in-the-process bunting. I popped into a local charity shop today near to where I work and I was lucky to find a whole card filled with ric rac braid, bargain for £2 for so many metres. I also found a lovely piece of material to keep me going oh and some more buttons.


Jo said...

I've never been able to sew, I even send school uniform to my mum for her to sew the name tags on. My daughter is really interested in sewing though, and I don't want her to turn out like me so we bought her a sewing maching for the Christmas before last. She does sewing at school too and really enjoys it, and hubby's auntie is a really good seamstress so she helps her along.

eight by six said...

Both my grandparents were tailors in the East End so I guess it's in my blood. My sister has made her own curtains in the past and attended night school to learn swags/tails,her youngest is craft mad. I sometimes go round there for dinner and a craft evening. My son is almost 18 and I taught him some basic skills, he can sew quite well.

LittleGem said...

Hi Amanda,
Looks like you have the same machine as me, the J1012? I (thankfully) haven't had any major issues with it, it seems to run lovely!
Well done on the bunting, it looks brilliant and well done on the bargain finds!

eight by six said...

Thanks Gemma. I looked back at your blog this weekend and saw I bought the same machine as you. It's a great buy and I just love it. I was going to email you as I wondered if you fancy doing a fabric swap? I'm new to all this! I just finished the bunting and I am so proud of my first attempt!