Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Doubles & Trebles

It feels more like winter than summer so I've been practicing my crochet stitches. The picture shows the second one finished in Wendy Fusion, this is for a friend. The first one is Patons Jet in lolly orange (my favourite). Whilst I can't do much in the garden I'm keeping busy with crochet. I managed to find some more Wendy Fusion in the brightest pink/orange and it arrived today, so that's for my next project.


Ma Larkin said...

it looks very smart.

The Sunroom said...

Brilliant :-)

And a splendid use of time when the weather is so dreary!

Take Care


eight by six said...

Thank you. Trouble is I have a little problem joining the second ball of wool. It looks really messy at the end. Any suggestions?My other scarf was ok but not very straight. I think I've got my tension correct on this one!