Saturday, 10 April 2010

Spring Sunshine

I made the most of the spring sunshine today and spent most of the day in the garden. I planted two new climbers, cleared away last weekends cuttings and Ian added some small slate pavers to the front of the veg patch to tidy it up. The plan is to keep one side for herbs and the other side my rhubarb and add some flowers I am growing from seed. One thing the garden lacked last year was lots of flowers for the bees. So this year I am growing dwarf sunflowers (these did well last year), morning glory, cosmos, antirrhinum (chuckles from Anne) cornflower and sweet peas. I have lots of packs of seeds but thought this was enough!

My seeds arrived in the post this morning from Mr Fothergills - I received asparagus pea, courgette black forest and two free packs (Livingstone Daisy & Rocket runway (which I've grown before). I ran out of time to start the courgettes so plan to do this tomorrow. I will grown these up a wall.

Germinated this week - courgette cocozelle v tripolis & summer ball, cosmos, cucumber cyrstal lemon & long green ridge. Last year it took me ages to get any courgettes so having the heated prop helped this year.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Amanda


Jo said...

It was a lovely day yesterday and made such a change to have some sunshine. I got some sowing done outside, the first time this year, I've usually been doing it in the kitchen as it's been so cold. I'm hoping for a nice day again today so that I can get some more done on the allotment.

Green Lane Allotments said...

Our sunflowers were a bee magnet last year - already some about - bees not sunflowers

GardenerX said...

glad to hear all those seeds germinated. that is great

eight by six said...

I managed to spend some time outside on Sunday. I agree it's so much better sowing seeds outside, I make such a mess in the kitchen! I found some nice seeds today - Sweet Sultan. I'd never heard of them but bought a pack and sowed a tray.