Monday, 15 March 2010

Your chance to make a difference .... and free seed pack!

What do you know about biodiversity? Did you know that biodiversity is in decline? Well it is and the 22 May has been chosen to highlight this plight. I had the chance a few years ago to do a little research for Iwade's entry into the Village of the Year, I think we received highly commended!

All you keen gardeners out there can help. All you need to do is make one change in your garden. Most gardeners and allotmenteers are great at recycling, take the compost bin for a brilliant example. Even if you have limited space one small change can make a difference.

Some other ideas are :
* build a bee hotel
* plants that attract bees; I have allimums and the bees and moths love them. Here is a picture taken last year
* make a log shelter (I have recycled drift wood from an old fish tank! Not only does it look good it helps the local bugs.
* recycle something
* catch the rain - introduce a water but. That reminds me I must do that this year!
* plant a hedgerow or tree

For further information why not visit RHS biodiversity to read more useful information.

The RHS Advisory Team will be showing what you can do to encourage biodiversity in your garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. I will be going to Chelsea on the 28th May, so I'll add some photos in a future posting.

Why not send me your photos of what you have done to make a difference in your own garden. The winner will receive a pack containing seeds from Wiggly Wigglers and some other useful gardening stuff.


Green Lane Allotments said...

I was intending making a bee hotel last year but didn't find a suitable lump of wood in time but it is on the agenda for this year.

We do garden with wildlife in mind though. Grass paths on the allotment for instance provide a good habit for beetles that in tuen eat some of the unwelcome creepy crawlies.

eight by six said...

The very lovely people at Wiggly Wigglers are sending me a seed parcel. Make sure you send me a photo of your allotment :-)

Jo said...

Last year I created a small wildlife pond in the garden. It attracted some frogs into the garden and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for frog spawn this year. I'm intending to do lots of things on your list. I wanted to make an insect hotel last year but never got round to it, so that's one thing earmarked for this year. I also want to get lots more flowers on the allotment, and I bought a water butt which hasn't yet been installed at home. I will let you have a photo of something. When does it have to be with you by?

eight by six said...

I thought to give everyone time I'd keep it open until the end of March.

I want to get a water butt and a bee house. I saw a large bee in my garden on Sunday when I was pottering around.

I don't have any grass in my garden, we took it up and replaced it with gravel. I planted lots of alliums and bee loving plants in the gravel. Works well and no lawn to cut!