Sunday, 14 March 2010

* Happy Mothers Day *

Flowers and gifts from Jack and Ian x
The sun is shining this morning, makes a welcome change. Enjoy your day whatever you are doing.


Jo said...

Happy Mother's Day. No cards or pressies here yet, my lot are still in bed!

The Sunroom said...

Happy Mother's Day to us all :-)
I'm the lucky recipient of some scrumptious Mirasol yarn, a cupcake with 'I love you Mum' on it and croissants for breakfast.
Have a great Day!

eight by six said...

Thnak you Jo and Aileen for your lovely messages, I hope you both had a wonderful day. My 17 year old son (Jack) gave me a CD wrapped in a whole sheet of paper, we did laugh. My hubby Ian then took me to my favourite garden centre and I came home to do a bit in the garden. Manged to sow sweet peas, peas and dwarf sun flowers (Irish Eyes) A perfect day :-)