Sunday, 28 March 2010

Going Green

I bought some seeds this week from Jill at The Green Seed Company and they arrived so quickly so I would recommend them rather than the big companies. They offer a good range and I liked them because you can order just  a small selection and the prices are good too! I bought mange tout Oregon Sugar Pod II, raddish and dwarf beans. Each pack of peas are 80p and the raddish 60p, great value and they arrive in lovely little black seed packs. They also have a blog organic-seed.blogspot

My Meteor peas have germinated, so I've ordered another Rowplanter rootrainer to sow my mange tout!Enjoy your garden today. Amanda x


Jo said...

It's always good to have recommendations. I'll check out their site.

eight by six said...

Jill only started this year and the service is really good. I like the little seed packets and that she emails you to say they have been despatched. They would make great presents put inside a birthday card. I've planted some mange tout today. Did you do any gardening today?

Jo said...

I went to the allotment on Saturday, but it was rather soggy, so after a few jobs I came home again and got on with more sowing of seeds, and yesterday, yet more sowing.

eight by six said...

So I see from your blog this morning, you have been busy. You are way ahead of me but I guess you have to with an allotment. I have two of those cold frames, but mine are only 2 tier. I used to have a 4 tier but I came home once and it was on the floor, so safer for me with the shorter ones.

Ma Larkin said...

I wish my seeds would hurry up and sprout. I have only seen rocket and mustard leaves so far but I only planted a week ago so am perhaps a bit impatient.
My space is approx 15foot by7 foot and I have a row of raspberries along the fence at the back and a double row of strawberries so I have to be careful not to get carried away.
I am planting spuds in bags.
I too will check out your seed source.
PS Thanks for your comments.