Friday, 5 March 2010

Cardigan - second attempt

I made a mistake on the first cardigan and unfortunately couldn't sort it out so had to start again. Another parcel of wool arrived today from Kemps so I rushed home and started cardigan no 2!

This time I am using Patons Reef (Tide) which is a blue and white tape yarn. I had my doubts about it but it's lovely to knit with and looks more intricate than it is. I changed the pattern slightly and instead of the lacy pattern it suggested to the edges I decided to use double moss stitch, which is my favourite and it's knitting up lovely. Let's hope I can get to grips with this one and finish it.

Have a great weekend. Amanda x


Green Lane Allotments said...

I wonder why all gardeners kit cardigans - I am on the second sleeve of mine!

I am planning some alterations as the pattern uses 'press studs' behaind the buttons which I don't fancy so fingers crossed that I get it right!

eight by six said...

Yes funny how crafts and gardening go together. I got up this morning and carried on knitting but I think I should have attempted to follow the pattern instead of opting for an easy option! What pattern and yarn are you using? This is my first (well second) attempt although I knitted my son several cardigans when he was a baby/toddler.

Green Lane Allotments said...

I'm using a pattern and yarn from Bergere de France. It is a pattern book which was quite expensive but has about 40 designs in and I couldn't find a cardigan as I wanted anywhere else.

It does have a collar though so I am changing that too as I don't want a collar. Just neck band, belt and sewing up to do now

eight by six said...

Wow you are way ahead of me, I'm just past the arm holes and have a little bit more to do yet. I've changed to circular needles as they are easier. I've ordered some more wool for the next project ;-)

Green Lane Allotments said...

Finished my cardigan and have just bought some woll for a jumper