Sunday, 28 February 2010

Planting season has started ......

I potted on the chilli seedlings today (well most of them) I ran out of clean pots as I only brought 8 in from the garden. I was enjoying it so much that I decided to start some tomato seeds in the heated propogator.

Lynda kindly sent me some free seeds from this months Gardeners World (Tomato Minibel) so I did half a small tray of them and half Sungold F1. The Sungold were left over from last year, probably an eBay impulse buy! I then found Matina from T&M bought in a garden centre last year for 99p. I'll start them off next month. If the gardening club have another table at this years strawberry fare I'll donate what I have left over.

I also bought a packet of Golden Sunrise on eBay. Well it was a great bargain! It feels good to finally start growing something and looking forward to some rewards later in the summer. What have you started to grow in doors?

I'm thinking of doing a seed give-away, I'll have a look around and post something later this week.


Green Lane Allotments said...

AS we don't heat our greenhouses we are resisting the temptation to sow seeds just yet.

eight by six said...

I don't have a greenhouse, well two small cold frames. Having a south facing garden that heats them up :-) But for now they are safe in my dining room!

The Sunroom said...

Hi Amanda,

I have lots of spare seeds that I can send to you. Can you email me your address?
I'm blogging the article that you so kindly sent to me.

Thank you :-)

I need to plant my onion sets this weekend.

eight by six said...

Thanks for posting the article about Ysolda. Inpsired me this week to pick up my needles and knit myself a Spring cardi. The wool is Patons Flower Garden!