Saturday, 16 January 2010

Lazy Saturday

Just logged on to give you an update on my crochet this week. I had planned to finish my first attempt at a crochet scarf. But last night I decided I was holding the yearn wrong so went in search of some new yarn! Not that I don't have enough but visiting my local knitting shop gave me a chance to ask the lady to show me how to do a triple crochet stitch! She obliged and I purchased some Patons Smoothie DK wool that looks and feels like cotton but is machine washable. It's very colourful in shades of pinks and costs £2.35 for a 100g ball. So I sat in the hairdressers this morning working on my new stitch and yes you guessed it a new scarf. So this one should grow quicker and look more like I expected crochet to lok like. So housework went out the window today and cooking too, will have to catch up on Sunday. Here is a link to the scarf pattern that I found

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