Saturday, 23 January 2010

Carrots in January!

I just had to get outside in the garden today. After talking to my sister and Anne recently about seeds and plans for this year, made me want to be in the garden! I made a good start clearing all the dead stuff, digging and looked at what I need to do whilst having a warm cuppa. I dug up my leeks and a bunch of carrots. Yes carrots in January! I also dug up some small celeriac which didn't do at all well this time, and I had 15 in all. But it can be used in the chicken casserole for tomorrow with the leeks and carrots, so all is not lost. They are designer veg, small and perfect! Oh and organic. Have fun this weekend. Amanda x

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Green Lane Allotments said...

WE are still digging our carrots too - each year we protect them witha covering of straw and usually end up not using all ofthem as they start to grow.