Thursday, 15 October 2009

Chilli Jam

I used Nigella's recipe for this one. Thanks mum for the loan of your Christmas book. But I think it's super hot as I used a few too many chillies! Oh well it was my first attempt and it does look wonderful and looks like chilli jam. I hope everyone at work can handle it! I've enough chillies to make another seven jars plus more green and purple ones to make another batch of pickled ones. The recipe was easy to follow but de-seeding all those chillies takes ages. I did wear gloves as I remembered what Anne said when she made a batch last year. If you are local and want to buy a jar, please email me or leave a message. Suggested donation of £1 (or more!) All proceeds to go to the Wear it Pink campaign as I am organising an event at work.

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