Friday, 11 September 2009

Saturday morning ... Butternut Squash

I decided to get up nice and early today so that I can make the most of my Saturday. I had a quick look at the veg patch and checked my two butternut squash. They have grown but are still not that big! I've never grown them before and I got my plant from Anne, so lets hope I get to eat these two. I had other fruits but sadly they died before they got to any size. I've added a couple of pictures. One is growing up a support with a cucumber, and seems to like it there. It just grew that way! The other is growing on the ground where I planted the actual plant. If this warm weather continues, it should keep growing.

It is the church cycle today, so I plan to walk round to give my support this morning and have a cuppa with everyone. There has been lots of support, and the money goes to restoration work for All Saints Church Iwade.
Enjoy your weekend. Amanda x


Gary Jen and Ruby said...

Thanks for supporting the RHS.


eight by six said...

It's the least I could do :-)